Transport Insurance

For today’s airfreight businesses, supplying transportation from points A to B is no longer enough. RON is able to offer a total solution with, for instance, pre- and on carriage worldwide via express or road feeder, warehousing and expert customs handling. RON guarantees maximum cost control against the speed you require.

We can organise point-to-point flights and charter planes from a wide range of the major carriers. We cooperate with key carriers that offer the most consistent transit and largest lift. As a result, we are flexible enough to help every client. From first-time shippers to regular importers and exporters.

Due to the nature of our company, we not only offer air solutions; we have a wider scope. In that perspective, we can also offer sea-air combinations. The combination of air and ocean freight offers the most direct and most economical routing of your cargo. Moreover, it contributes to the competitiveness and timely delivery of your product.

International Insurance Specialist

Insurance of transported goods is only arranged upon specific written request from our customer, please contact us to find out more about our transport insurance services.