Kwaliteit Gasmeting Nederland or in short KGN, will be moving to a new location on the Rotterdam-Maasvlakte as per the 1st of January 2018. Among others, KGN measures on a approved list of possible gases and vapors that can be present in a full container.

12 Million Containers enter Rotterdam every year, it is the largest port in/and the gateway to the European market. As every employer or importer is responsible for the safety of the employees and people working in the supply chain, it is vital to determine if a container is “safe to enter”.

With our new location of 3.000m2 we are able to provide you with more space to store and degas or fumigate your containers; even more we will also have a warehouse or CFS station of 300m2 to do this on box and carton level, to protect the people and eco systems in the world!

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